Kneeling at the altar of Mammon

They say sitting is the new smoking. Mostly, that’s about general inactivity and how we should all move more (I read an article recently which I would link to if I could remember where I saw it which asked the question of whether it was particularly SITTING or whether it was inactivity and the answer in that article was that it was the inactivity that was the issue, so lying down was just as bad for you unless you are actually sleeping). However, for me, today, it is actually about sitting.

I am reasonably active (I don’t do any formal exercise but I run a house for five people and go for a walk every day as well as walking the kids to and from school, and usually clock up 15,000 steps a day on my FitBit) but I do sit down for work.

Currently, I have a pain in my butt. Which is radiating down my leg. Which is fine when I am up and walking around, but if I sit it really starts to hurt.

I went to see my chiropractor this morning, who showed me a model skeleton and explained to me that one of my muscles (wasn’t paying attention to the name of it) is pressing down on my sciatic nerve — and when I am sitting down, it presses harder on the nerve.

His advice is to sit as little as possible and to do various stretches over the next couple of weeks to try to ease the situation.

The thing is, not sitting is actually quite hard when you have a desk job. Today I have to get six hours work done — at my desk — and I really can’t sit down comfortably for that long even if I hadn’t just been told I shouldn’t.

So I am kneeling. I have a thick blanket under my knees, and because I have the good fortune to work from home, no-one can see me so I don’t feel too much of a pillock.

But it’s interesting. The phrase “kneeling at the altar of Mammon” won’t get out of my head; and it’s true, it’s exactly what I am doing. They say that your body and what you do with it impacts on what you think and feel — and your general perspective — and here I am finding that is so, in ways I wasn’t expecting.

It’s also true that I am (when I get a fraction of time to think about it in) re-evaluating what I do for a living. My work is something I do mostly for the money (there are other, independence and feminist things folded in there too)– so this feels pretty much like an in my face reminder that it is something I need to think about.

I am — literally and figuratively — kneeling at the altar of Mammon.